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Form demo

Following forms demonstrate Default and Sidebar templates.

Contact Information

  • Enter your full name here

    E-mail field is automatically set as reply-to value for admin notifications

Date and Time

Star Rating

  • Configure number of stars and default value

File Upload

  • Limit file upload size and allowed types. Allowed file types: txt, doc and docx

    You can upload multiple files here


    Create surveys

    Specify default values

    Create select fields with images. Add custom style to field using field code.

Conditional Logic

    Show / hide form elements on customer choice

Custom Validation

  • Specify custom validation rules

    Easily create validated confirmations


  • Use fields to build e-mail subjects in notifications

  • Easily create custom contacts form

This is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) text block. You can inform the customer if you are collecting his personal information and why.

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